July is going by way too fast. Not to mention my baby girl is growing up far too quickly, but that’s another post for another day.

This month is the month I chose to try a little experiment.

My experiment was to attempt writing in a genre I never write in. It was a success. I can definitely write in said genre. Two alpha readers enjoyed the story, but I had a problem. I didn’t enjoy writing it.

I’m not sure how other people work, but I need to basically be obsessed with my stories. I need to giggle over something I suddenly realize my character is going to do, or else, I need to get antsy and upset that I can’t write. My brain needs to grab a hold of the story and not let go until the idea is out and on paper.

I couldn’t do that with this story. Oh, I could write it and lose myself in it for a little while. But mostly, I felt only apathy when away from the story, and a sense of obligation to write it when I sat down.

So, my experiment was successful. But just because I can write something doesn’t mean I want to or that I should.

Moving  right along – my #Writemotivation update

1. Finish FOD edits OMG DONE and sent to awesome agent
2. Draft Experiment – draft started… I reached 25k, determined that I can write it, but don’t enjoy it. Success.
3. Outline edits for AI – Won’t be doing this for a few months. I will now be outlining AYW instead 😀
4. Do CP work for J & H – Finishing off J notes. H in progress
5. Write OWM piece for this month – Rough drafted, tweaking now
6. Pick next OWM prompt – PICTURE PICKED!!!
7. Keep up with Social Media and Blogs – Social Media, CHECK. Blogs – Caught up with, ready for the next batch
8. Mwah – Babeh! – well DUH

Such is my week.

I will try to be around the hashtag more. Since I’m not using my laptops right now, I find it difficult to keep up with all the hashtag groups. Going to do better at this.

So, how was your week? Anyone else have epiphanies to share?