I’m celebrating my Second Blog Anniversary today!

I started this little blog way back on July 5th 2011 and look how far it’s come 😉

2012 and 2013 have been a whirlwind for me. I’ve drafted a few books, polished one, had a beautiful baby girl, sold one house and bought another.

So, I’m celebrating. And I have a group of amazing writing friends helping me celebrate.

My fantastic agent Judith Engracia of Liza Dawson Associates has agreed to give a random winner a query critique + critique their first 5 pages. And she’ll give a second person a Query critique too! She is passionate, meticulous, and very insightful. I’m lucky to have her.

Brenda Drake of PitchMadness Fame (The Writer’s Voice and a plethora of other give back to the writing community initiatives) will also be offering a Query + first 5 page critique. Her novel Library Jumpers is out next February – Add it to your to read pile now.

Erica Chapman, my fantastic agent-sister and an associate editor with Entangled is offering up the same – Query + first 5 page critique. She’s very insightful and has a great eye for detail.

Becca Weston, my CP, a contributor to OurWriteMind and one of the best Copy Editors you’ll find out there, is also offering a Query + first 5 page critique. She’s edited for people like LeighAnn Kopans, Alessandra Thomas, Jamie Grey and others!

Leigh Caroline, my CP, a contributor to OurWriteMind and an intern with Entangled Publishing will also provide a Query + 5 page critique. I would definitely not be anywhere near where I am today without her.

And of course a Query + 1 Page Crit from me. Mine is sort of the booby prize due to baby induced time constraints.

All in all there will be SEVEN winners.

There is one condition for entry.

People who enter must be about to start, or have already started the Query Process.

But that’s it!

Help me share the blog-iversary love. Tweet, Facebook, G+ it – do whatever. Enter with Rafflecopter below 😀

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Thank you all and good luck to everyone who enters 😀 Happy Blog-iversary! I’ll announce the winners on Friday July 19th!

And Thank you Leigh for the beautiful banner 😀