Wow. Monday just takes you by surprise, doesn’t it. I know it comes after Sunday, but I swear it creeps up on me every week.

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So, this coming week we’re getting the popcorn scraped off the ceilings. Oh joy, this will be fun. I’ll be hanging out in the basement. Which is okay. Can you say huge projector screen? Exactly. Also, lots of room for Kami to roll around.

I did get a new car on Saturday. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll have seen it. Very pretty. And a Honda. And did I mention REALLY pretty?

Anyhu! Onto the whole goal achievement thing. June has been a great month for me. I’m really proud of my progress. Just getting a crit finished and I’ll be completely done!

1. Finish drafting Fod DONE!!!
2. Crit Q – Will be done by the end of June!
3. Send Feedback on Q – will be done by the end of June!
4. Finish OWM June Prompt Done!!!
5. Make 3rd draft edit notes on AI1 Done!!!
6. Keep up Social Media stuffs DONE!!!
7. Cheer on my fellow #writemotivation peeps DONE!!! (I’m pretty sure I did this)
8. Keep up with blogs I think I finally have achieved this.  DONE!!!
9. Loves mah little girl DUH DONE!!!


This of course leads me to my goals (subject to change) for next month!

1. Finish FOD edits
2. Draft Experiment
3. Outline edits for AI
4. Do CP work
5. Write OWM piece for this month
6. Pick next OWM prompt
7. Keep up with Social Media and Blogs
8. Mwah – Babeh!”

I really wanted to have the edits finished by the end of this month, but I’m being generous and giving myself to the end of the first July weekend. Simply because Kami was unexpectedly sick and that ate up about 2 days of edits, and then there was the car shopping. Life happens. Edits need to be done well, not quickly.

That’s about it from me!

I can’t wait until July 5! I have some fun plans for my 2nd blogaversary! Stay tuned!

How was your June?