This has been a bit of a whirlwind week for me. I’m still trying to recover.

I feel like I’ve done so much, and there is so much left to do…

First up! The winner of Jessica Therien’s UPRISING was: Candace 😀 Congrats hon, I hope you enjoy the book 😀

On Friday I picked up a dear friend of mine who’ll be staying with us a week while she gets ready to ferry her new horse back to South Carolina.

On this Saturday just gone, I went to Lawrence KS to chat to some fellow writers. That was a lot of fun. I love road trips and taking a two hour drive with fellow writers? Fantastic.

And now for my #writemotivation update and the excitement.

1. Finish drafting Fod  This is done. Done. Done. Complete at just under 75k in first draft format. I love this book – more about it in the Excitement area.
2. Crit Q – about to start
3. Send Feedback on Q – see above
4. Finish OWM June Prompt – complete
5. Make 3rd draft edit notes on AI1 – can’t do until end of month
6. Keep up Social Media stuffs – So far so good
7. Cheer on my fellow #writemotivation peeps – so far so good
8. Keep up with blogs – so far so good
9. Loves mah little girl – well, obviously

And of course, there is the excitement. It all has to do with FOD. I’ve never written a book and loved it so much. Not just the characters, or the story, but the entire process and result.

The piece is mostly voice. It relies heavily on voice. So the edits I need to do are largely sensory, and overall impact of the story line. In short. Not my usual harsh and horrific edit detail.

I’m a little floored. And hopeful, and yet so so scared. Because I feel that this one is the best thing I’ve written to date.

We’ll see, but…cross your fingers for me 😉


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How is your June going. Also. June 10. Holy crap. Just saying.