I’m still a bit in awe that I get to bring you an interview with one of my favourite authors: Linda Poitevin.

If you don’t know her Grigori Legacy series- you need to. She has a third book coming out in the series in October (can you say birthday present?)

However she’s releasing a romance: Gwynneth Ever After on Monday 24th! And that’s what I’ve bombarded her with questions about 😀


Hi Linda. Thank you so much for letting me ask you a heap of questions.

First up, I just need to let you know I love the Grigori legacy and am looking forward to your next installment. Can you let us know if it stops at 3? Or do we have more to look forward to? (Please?)

Thanks so much for inviting me to visit, K.T.! I’m thrilled to be here, and to know that you’re enjoying the Grigoriy Legacy so much. Book 3, Sins of the Lost, releases on October 15th and yes, there will be a fourth book as well.


Okay – now you’ve just released a romance called: Gwynneth Ever After. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Gwynneth Ever After is a contemporary romance that’s best described as Notting Hill with a role reversal (he’s the Hollywood star) and kids thrown in (she’s a single mom). It’s a little bit sweet, a little bit steamy, and a whole lot of fun.  😉


What inspired you to write Gwynneth?

Gwynneth was actually my first published book – it was put out by Wild Rose Press in 2010 under the title A Fairy Tale for Gwyn. At the time I wrote it, I thought I was pursuing a career as a romance writer – then I finished the first book in the Grigori Legacy series, Sins of the Angels, and decided I wanted to be an urban fantasy writer instead. Now I’m thinking I can be both, lol!


Is there a non spoilerish excerpt you could share with us?

Well…since you asked so nicely… 😉


Gareth took his leather coat from the closet. He turned to face her, his expression filled with purpose.

Gwyn swallowed – hard.

Take control. Take control now, before he –

She stuck out her hand into the space separating them, mortified to see it shake wildly, too terrified to remove it.

“Goodbye,” she said, her voice thick and unrecognizable even to her own ears. “And thank you again for everything. I enjoyed meeting you.”

Her insides cringed. Dear lord, could she have chosen less adequate words?

A wickedly lazy smile curved Gareth’s lips. “A handshake?” He raised his gaze to hers and shook his head. “I don’t think so, Gwynneth with two n’s.”

Gwyn backed away, coming up short against the wall by the living room doorway. He wouldn’t…he couldn’t…not now…

But Gareth’s pursuit was measured.



It brought him to within a scant few inches of her, where he stopped. He braced his left hand against the wall by her head, then lifted his right hand, still gripping his coat, and did the same on the other side. Before she could draw the breath she so desperately needed, his head descended.

His mouth fastened on hers with a jolt that traveled her entire length, at once both hard and gentle. Coaxing, demanding, promising…delivering. When Gwyn’s own lips parted under the mind-spinning assault, he wasted not an instant in taking full advantage. His tongue slid against hers, tangled with it, and took complete, uncontested ownership.

Not once did his hands move to caress her.

Not once did his body touch hers.

But he imprinted himself on her as indelibly as if he had possessed her in every way imaginable.

At last, his breathing unsteady, he drew back. One at a time, he dropped his hands to his sides and stepped away. He slid his arms into his jacket and shrugged it up onto his shoulders.

“I’ll go now,” he said, his voice thick, “but just for the record, I haven’t agreed.”

“A-agreed?” Gwyn whispered. Of its own accord, her trembling hand found its way to her mouth. Her fingertips brushed against lips that felt as if they belonged to someone else, because surely hers wouldn’t have responded with such abandon…

“Not to see you again.” Giving her a slow half-smile that focused her on his mouth all over again, Gareth pulled open her front door and disappeared into the night.


What made you decide to self-publish it?

Between one thing and another, there ended up being a gap of more than a year between books 2 and 3 of the Grigori Legacy and I really wanted to put something out there to fill that gap. Gwynneth Ever After is the perfect summer/beach/cottage read, and I really wanted to give it a second life. My editor was interested in acquiring the book, but they wouldn’t have been able to put it out as fast as I’ve done myself.


How did you find having to obtain your own copy editors, editors etc? Has it been a fun process?

Because the book had already been through the editorial process at Wild Rose Press, it really didn’t need a whole lot of work – and the work it did need, I felt confident in doing myself. I’ve learned a lot in the last couple of years, lol! I did a complete re-read of the book and, while the story itself remained unchanged, I think the writing is a lot tighter and smoother than it was previously. I’m fortunate enough to know a fabulous cover artist, so having that done was also easy for me. I’m not sure I’d call the overall process fun exactly, but I’ve certainly learned a lot. 


I do love your cover. I have a bit of a cover obsession. How did you decide on this one?


I’m so glad you like it, K.T. – so do I. I really wanted something that would stand out from the crowd, and I had to take into consideration that the cover would be most often viewed as a small thumbprint image on book retail sites. I love everything about this cover: the light color scheme (my cover artist’s idea); the simplicity of the two hands touching. The whole thing just speaks volumes to me – it’s just so poignant and real, and has such an ahhhh feel to it, don’t you think? 🙂


Now I’ve seen some pictures of that fabulous writing retreat/office you have outside. How on earth did you commandeer so much space for it?

Ah, the benefits of working from home, lol! With two children grown and gone, the remaining one not a fan of the outdoors, and my husband at work all day, the back yard is pretty much mine during the week. As a bonus, most of my neighbors are at work as well, so it’s pretty quiet on weekdays. 🙂


Is it as awesome and inspirational as it looks?


It is totally awesome…the best part being the screened-in gazebo that keeps away all the bugs. 🙂 As for inspirational, I don’t really find any one place more inspirational than another, to be honest. Once I plug into my music and let my voices take over, I can write pretty much anywhere…assuming I can master the whole self-discipline issue. 😉


Do you have any advice for people not sure about their own publishing path?

There are so many different options out there now – you just need to find the one that fits you best. My best advice is to do your research. Literally dozens of authors have blogged about their experiences with various publishing approaches. Read what they have to say, learn from their mistakes, and actively look for feedback on whatever option you’re considering. Google is a treasure trove of information…and it’s definitely your friend!


If you were stranded on a desert island and could take one book (not an ereader) which one would it be?

Ha! You’re going to see the practical side in me now: I’d take a survival guide that included a list of edible indigenous plants. 🙂


Coffee or Tea?

Coffee: organic, fair-trade, and freshly roasted.


Sweet or Savoury?



Thank you so much for stopping by.

Thank you for having me, K.T.! It’s been a true pleasure. 🙂


Well – what are you waiting for. You have time to read books 1&2 of the Grigori Legacy before Gwynneth Ever After comes out on the 24th! Hop to it 😉