I’m so excited to have Jessica here with me today. I get a little nosy. Maybe it’s the new mother bond, but it might actually be the book she’s just released (or both 😉 ) Don’t forget to enter into our RaffleCopter give away of a digital copy of Uprising at the end of the post 😀


Hi Jessica. Thanks for stopping by today. I have a few questions for you!

It’s been just over a year since Oppression was released. You enjoyed some bestselling success with the book – as I recall you were top ten on B&N’s list! Did this make you anymore or less nervous about the next installment: Uprising?

You know…I hadn’t even thought about it until recently. All of a sudden I feel a ton of pressure. I just keep telling myself, rank doesn’t matter. I just want readers to enjoy the book, and so far they have.


Can you tell us a bit about the Children of the Gods world and how Oppression and Uprising bring it to life?

My series is based on the premise that the Greek gods were never really gods. The Descendants, as they call themselves, live 500 years and have supernatural abilities. Their race has only been exposed to human society once, in ancient Greece. Legends of the Descendants became embellished and grew into modern day Greek mythology. In Oppression, Elyse learns she is one of them and that the reason she’s been kept in the dark about her origin is that she’s prophesized to save her race from Oppression. In Uprising, Elyse continues down the path of taking down the Descendant council. She hopes to join her people with human society once again.


Do you have a favorite Uprising passage? If so, can you share it with us?

Hmmm….*goes flipping through the book* Most of my favorites would be too spoiler-y. This is one of my favorite lines though:


Ahead, the sun sank below the horizon, setting the sky alight with orange fire like the end of the world, dangerous and beautiful.


There’s a third book, right? Elyse and William will get their happily ever after? *beg, plead, did I mention beg?*

Haha! Yes. There is a third book. It’s about 30% done. It’s a little slow and go with a new baby to care for, but I’m chipping away at it.


How has the experience been with your publisher, Zova Books?

It’s been great! I love my editor. I think that is the most important thing. The books just wouldn’t be the same without her. I call her Molly the Magnificent. She’s brilliant.


You have beautiful covers. Did you have much of a say in these, or were the suggestions just spot on?

Thank you!! I think so too  With the first cover I had a say in the general concept. I brainstormed with the CEO to come up with the idea. In the end, their cover designer just NAILED it. The second one was all them. I love it.



Now, I know you’ve had a little bundle of joy addition since Oppression was released, and personally I know how difficult it is to maintain a writing routine with a baby. How have you found adapting your routine to meet deadlines as a new mom?

I haven’t. Haha! Routine? What routine? I’m flying by the seat of my pants! Seriously. It’s hard, but somehow I’m finding the time. Naps I guess…


If you were stranded on a desert island and could bring one book, which book would it be?

Can I cheat and say my NOOK? Bahaha! I can’t choose ONE book! Are you crazy? Maybe a book from the Lord of the Rings…they never get old to me.


Coffee or Tea?

Coffee coffee coffee…Oh gosh I just LOVE coffee. I’m going through withdrawals. No coffee during my pregnancy, and now baby hates when I drink it. Erg…


Sweet or Savoury?

Sweet of course.


If you could give one piece of advice to all the budding authors out there, what would you say?

Enjoy writing with no deadlines. Enjoy taking your time and writing whenever you feel like it. Don’t rush into the idea of being published as soon as you can. A little bit of the passion gets squashed when you have an editing deadline.


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