It’s a Monday. Again. Funny that.

Happens to me every week. How about you? Yeah, thought so. That whole start of the week thing and all…

Last week was very hectic for me. We had a house guest for more than an entire week, Kami’s third tooth decided to start pushing against her gum and making her VERY irritable. Unless you have a child, you do not know the horrors of teething, even if you think you do. Nothing compares. I might write a teething horror story one of these days.


Said teething sadly kept me away from the KWA (Kansas Writers Association) Monthly meeting. I’m a bit irritated by this as I was genuinely looking forward to it, but how would you like a teething, screaming infant in your monthly meeting? Yeah, thought not.

Also – it was Father’s Day on Sunday. For which, of course, there was preparations to be made, and gifts to be executed (read: a very distractible baby to photograph when she had no desire to sit still or look at anything other than the corgis).

All in all – I’m amazed I got anything done.

1. Finish drafting Fod
2. Crit Q – in the process of 😀
3. Send Feedback on Q – see 2.
4. Finish OWM June PromptYAY I DID THIS. You should go read it. NOW.
5. Make 3rd draft edit notes on AI1 – I have actually done this in my head. Next week it will be crossed out.
6. Keep up Social Media stuffs – in the process of
7. Cheer on my fellow #writemotivation peeps – REALLY TRYING HARD
8. Keep up with blogs – I think I got to about half of them. I WILL DO BETTER this week <3 Also, I can’t comment on many of them from my ipad 🙁 Makes me sad.
9. Loves mah little girl – WELL DUH

I should add that I’ve also begun outlining a new WIP – a very experimental one, which will probably end up being nothing but it’s fun to play with.

Tomorrow I will have an interview with one of my FAVOURITE authors up on the blog – Linda Poitevin

And on Thursday I will post up the July Goal Check sign up 😀

It’s my 2nd Blogaversary in July!!! I’ll be having giveaways!!!

So excited!

How is June going for everyone else?