So. I was going to write this on Thursday, and then Friday happened. Yes, that’s today.

It’s amazing how the week gets away from you. I swear it was January yesterday, but apparently it jumped straight to June – you bastard year.


So far, June has been hella hectic. Have I mentioned that I have a new job? No? Well, I do. I now do online presence stuff for work. It’s great and all, but very time consuming and rather draining.

I’m still doing my writing in between 11pm and 2-3am in the mornings. So far so very sleepy. It’s a good thing I usually get to nap.


Let’s see how I’m doing.

1. Finish drafting Fod – Very close to finishing this. Less than 20k I think. 4 chapters. Yay.
2. Crit Q – Not started yet because I suck, but I will be getting to this early next week/as soon as Fod is finished
3. Send Feedback on Q – Ditto 2
4. Finish OWM June Prompt – Did this. GO READ IT PLEASE
5. Make 3rd draft edit notes on AI1 – need to get my beta/cp notes back first. I have a feeling this will be painful as I cut WAY too much out of the first draft’s first chapters. This is what you get when you condense 5 chapters into 2. You’re bound to screw up.
6. Keep up Social Media stuffs – I believe I’m doing this
7. Cheer on my fellow #writemotivation peeps – I also think I’m doing this
8. Keep up with blogs – OMG I COMMENTED ON LOTS 😀
9. Loves mah little girl – well – like this is hard.

Overall I think I’m doing okay.

I have two giveaways still running.

If you’d like a digital copy of UPRISING by Jessica Therrien you can enter on THIS POST.

If you’d like an eARC of ONE by LeighAnn Kopans and a signed set of her comic postcards GO HERE

I have two more interviews scheduled through this month, I just need to get them organized.

And in July I’m going to have a huge, awesome Blogaversary celebration!

And then I’m going to collapse in a heap on the floor and bleed out…


How is your month going?