So this is the fourth and final update for May. Don’t forget to sign up for June if you haven’t already.

My month has gone quite well so far. Except for my apparent inability to click on a link and comment on a blog. However I plan to redeem myself this week.

Otherwise, I have successfully managed almost all of my May goals, and even started in on one of my June ones. I know, right? I’ll probably crash and burn sometime soon.

1. Finish AI transcription – Done and sent and completely paranoid
2. Send AI to betas – Done and sent and see above
3. Visit #writemotivation blogs – only minimally achieved
4. Maintain activity in social media – this I’ve been really striving to do. I’d say I’ve achieved this
5. Read a book– baby food 🙂
6. Complete May OurWriteMind promptcompleted!
7. Love mah baby girl – well was this even a question?

I’ve also outlined and plotted FOD, and started writing it this morning at midnight. So far I’m about 9% done and loving it 🙂 I’ve so missed writing. I’m extremely happy with how May has gone, even if I may have liked a little more sleep. Enough time for that when I’m dead.

Tomorrow is the release day of one of my dear friends: Jessica Therrien. I’ll have the release post up tomorrow – make sure you check back, because The Children of the Gods series is fantastic.

I’m going to pop along and cheer my friends on. I hope everyone has had a great May too.

And if you haven’t seen the #writemotivation google+ group, drop on by and say hi!