As expected, May has already proven to be a hectic month. What with the yard getting landscaped (and trust me, it needed it), work, the baby and edits? I’m surprised I’ve maintained even a modicum of sanity. Wait, I have, right?

Anyway. So far I might even achieve my goals this month… Maybe

1. Finish AI transcription – so I’m about to start in on old chapter 8/new chapter 5. Progress so far is solid
2. Send AI to betas – see 1
3. Visit #writemotivation blogs -I’ve started this and will do rounds to a couple a day 🙂
4. Maintain activity in social media – probably my most challenging point.
5. Read a book – I bought one. That’s the first step heh
6. Complete May OurWriteMind prompt – this is started. Oddly petrified by this point
7. Love mah baby girl – when do I not?

So, though I’ve done a lot, I haven’t finished anything yet. Hoping I will though.

All these conferences I couldn’t attend this past weekend made me determined to pick one next year and start saving. So, I’m hoping to attend BEA2014, and should be at SCWBI in KC in October (I hope). I hate feeling out of the conference loop lol…not that I was ever in it per say…

I really hope everyone else is having a great week so far. Don’t forget to pop over to OurWriteMind and take a look. Our first prompt response goes up on Wednesday.
If enough people feel inspired by it to attempt the prompts themselves, we’ll do a round up post linking to them once a month 🙂

Here’s to kicking May’s butt!