Because it has been. Very busy. I give you a Corgi in a box (Mainly for Andrew).

Not only am I on the tail end of AI’s edits (like literally), I also attended the KWA (Kansas Writer’s Association) Meeting on Saturday at 1:30pm and Jai decided to make the #writemotivation people a Google+  haven. Then, over at OurWriteMind.com – it was my turn to post the prompt response.

It’s been a big week for writing and motivation. I’ve excelled at some of my goals and failed abysmally at others, but that’s okay, I’ll rectify that this week.

So a quick look at my goals for the month so far:

1. Finish AI transcription – This will be done by the end of the week
2. Send AI to betas – Ditto
3. Visit #writemotivation blogs –  failed abysmally at this last week. I will endeavour not to suck at it this week
4. Maintain activity in social media – I’m pretty sure I’m managing this
5. Read a book – I never said fiction! I’m reading a book on HomeMade baby food 😀
6. Complete May OurWriteMind prompt – DONE!
7. Love mah baby girl – This is a CONSTANT 😀

So, as you can see, my month is actually going quite well.

In the next week I plan to do the following things that aren’t on my list:

  • Outline/Plot Fod
  • Begin writing Fod
  • Start crit on Q

I also have plans for the next few weeks:

  • I will be participating in two book releases
  • I have two (hoping for a third) interviews organized with fantastically awesome authors
  • I’ll be gearing up for my 2nd Blogaversary on July 5th by having a new layout and some awesome writerly rafflecopterness

There we go. Keep in mind, in the middle of all of this I’ll keep up with loving my baby girl (who’ll crawl soon), social media and keeping up with cheering on my friends

If you do not yet belong to the Google+ #Writemotivation group. Go join! I’ll be posting a sign up for #writemotivation June in the next couple of days.

Also – I’m thinking of all my friends in OKC. I hope you’re all okay.

Hope everyone else is having a good #writemotivation month and hitting the goals you set for yourself.