You see. That’s really what it’s going to boil down to while Kambria is this young. Routines. Finding the time while she’s still so small to develop some sort of consistency.

Now I know you’re all thinking – well, hell’s bells… People have been doing this for millennia. And you know what? You’d be right. But I haven’t been doing it for millennia and I’m still very much not used to this whole being a mom thing and well… Having no time to myself.

So this weekend I snagged time. 30 mins here during a nap. A Super quick shower there so I could spend 15 on edits. And it worked. Once I condense a couple of these chapters, add the first 4 from book 2 onto the end of 1 to give it more finality and tighten the prose throughout? Well, I’ll be golden.

And the best thing. It actually feels possible now.

As for #writemotivation. You are all so awesome. Even when I feel too tired, or when I try to make excuses you buck me up 🙂

So now that edits seem a distinctly realistic possibility with the help of tentative and gradual routines, I’m in a much better place writing wise. How about you? How are routines and edits, goals and motivation working for you these days?

I’m also super excited about a joint project on the horizon. More to come on that later 😉

I’ll get the #writemotivation sign up form posted by the end of the week 🙂