I won’t lie. Becoming a mother has been so much more time consuming, demanding and both physically and mentally exhausting than I could ever have imagined. And while it’s definitely rewarding – it’s also meant that I have to rearrange priorities and goal lists to accommodate the changes my little ray of sunshine demands of me.

I kept meaning to post in March. I just never got around to doing that final one. In the last couple of weeks I acquired an iPad, which enabled me to catch up on crits for my dear cp, but sadly I didn’t quite get them finished on time. Almost done now though.

The good thing about the iPad, is I should be able to wrangle some time to work on blog posts when I get a free 5 mins here or there. So my goal will first be to have one post up per week, and we will take it from there.

So in March I didn’t finish sw crits, but I got very close.
And I did begin the edits on AI even if I only got a little ways in.

We also got the house about 85% unpacked and eveything but the yard relandscaping has been completed.

I didn’t get around to all the blog posts I wanted to do, but I posted more than once during the month which is a good start. And I didn’t read all the awesome blogs I follow but I hope to gradually be able to start that up again too.

And let’s not forget the one while weekend devoted to #pitchmadness 🙂

However – the #Writemotivation hash tags continues to inspire me. I will hopefully be attending the local KWA meeting on the 20th and sadly will have to miss the OWFI conference as it’s just not going to work with baby in tow.

I would love to have people join me in May for another goal setting writemotivation month. I’ll post sign ups mid month.

Thanks to everyone who has been so understanding and kind with my long absences from the twitter verse, and online in general.

Here’s to priorities and not giving up on dreams.