Yep, you got it!

Pactice makes perfect, right?

I managed to get a blog post up every week
I’ve almost finished the paper edit for AI 1. Actually I did finish the first book, but will be borrowing from the 2nd and haven’t quite finished those few chapters. Might get them done later tonight, just in time to start on transcribing those edits for May.

Kami is doing really well and I truly think I’m starting to adjust to being a mom. Things need to be reorganized to fit life around the little one and I’m getting better at the juggling.

Next step is to be more involved in the online writing community and focus as much as possible on my writing again. To this end, May is going to be very interesting. Along with two awesome writing buddies, I’ll be diving into a new, fun venture 😉 Stay tuned!

So I’ll post up the writemotivation list tomorrow during the day.

Hope everyone had a great April. Here’s to fantastic May!