I’m not entirely sure where this month has gone, but it’s almost over. In 4 days we’ll have been in the new house for a month. Kami is already 4 months old and I feel like time is getting away from me.

I won’t meet my #writemotivation goals this month. But that’s ok. This whole baby thing is a period of adjustment and seeing just what I have time for in my life now. I will however finish the crit of SW. I will also get the brainstorming for GG out of the way. I’ve decided to write my MG and wait on edits for the adult fantasy book. Since it’s already written, it’s really not going anywhere now, is it 😉

Overall, this month has been productive. My office is now finished. Well, almost. Still have to do some painting. But I have my desks set up and a workspace to call my own.

And then there is Pitchmadness. If you’ll recall, this time last year I was in a frenzy because I had full requests for my novel. PitchMadness March 2012 found me my agent of awesome. So I love trying to do anything I can to pay it forward. Reading through the slush always makes me want to write more, so it’s a win win really. I hope to try and get a post up about #PitchMadness and some of the common themes and things I saw that gave me pause, but as we all know, time is a commodity that’s in short supply for me at the moment.

Apart from that, Kami is doing well. Slowly transitioning to her own bed. I feel like she’s already growing up too fast. We’re setting into the new house, still getting work done around it. I’ll post pictures once we’re done.

And lastly, I need to go catch up with all my fellow #Writemotivationers blogs. Because well… that’s what it’s all about.

How has your March been so far?