2012 was a fantastic year for me.

I had a huge start to the year and got my agent through Brenda Drake’s PitchMadness. Judith Engracia is fantastic and I can still barely believe that she signed me.

About the same time, I found out I was pregnant. Now, this was a planned pregnancy, but we were getting to the end of our self imposed trying time and were nevertheless surprised.


I still managed to get in a heap of editing this year and write over 210k of new words in almost 3 full first drafts. I feel pretty good about the writing accomplishments. Needless to say the health and online goals didn’t really get done because having baby changed things a bit.

Writing: Considering I now know I’m a plotter and not a pantser (thank you vertigo 2011) – I don’t find these unreasonable goals.

  • Finish edits on TDP Book 1.
  • Paper Edit TDP 2&3
  • Write WIPSW in Feb/March
  • Query Agents with TDP Trilogy as of April/May – Queried in March, signed in April
  • Attend OWFI-May3-5
  • Query, Query, Query
  • Finish Full edits on TDP 2&3 – had a baby instead
  • Finish first draft of WIP YS or WIP FT
  • Contemplate outline of BE
  • Query, Query, Query – only sent out 10 in total…
  • Keep up with all crit groups/partners – half way
  • Participate in #writemotivation, #changewritenow and other blog related hop things – fell off toward the end
  • Work on something writing/editing/revision/plotting related every day
  • Write a song as I haven’t written any since 2007

I should add that I did write 2 complete first drafts and 75% of a 3rd… so technically that was in excess hehe

I’ve been more absent from #Writemotivation than I’d have liked to be in the tail end of 2012 – however we’ve been planning over direct messages bwah hah hah and we have plans for #Writemotivation in 2013. Hopefully launching the new and improved version by the end of January 2013 😀 Stay tuned!

So really, I did extremely well all things considered. But really – as proud as I am of my writing accomplishments – 2012 was dominated by Kambria’s arrival.

Love her to pieces. Hope everyone else had a fantastic 2012.

Kami 6 weeksI’ll be figuring out this year’s goals and posting those soon. Can’t wait to see what we’re all aiming to achieve in 2013.

Here’s to an amazing 2013 for us all.