Well, I only managed to half way succeed with my November goal for #Writemotivation.

On November 14th at 6:32pm I had a healthy baby girl. Kambria Rose Hanna was born weighing 8 pounds and 3.7 ounces, and was 20 inches tall. Her head was full of pretty brown hair and she was amazing from her first second of life.

Needless to say – with a newborn, there’s really not much else I’ve been able to do.

The routine has changed and pretty much become:

  • sleep when baby sleeps
  • feed baby when baby is hungry
  • Change poop and pee diapers
  • rock baby when she has the hiccups

There’s really not much time for me to do anything else. Slowly trying to get a handle back on time, but it’s mostly a blur – a tired one at that. But damn, she’s really just gorgeous. So, I can’t and really don’t want to complain lol.

However, this means I’ve accomplished relatively little writing wise. I have a few minor tweaks to make before I re-send my book to my awesome agent. It’s just been extremely difficult to get up the brain power to sit down and do anything. And of course, it’s only reasonable that I don’t beat myself up about it – but still, it’s hard not to.

Kami is only 16 days old. As she gets older I’ll have a bit more time while she sleeps longer. And my husband is fantastic about helping me. I’m feeling rather lucky right now.

In January we’re hoping to launch a #writemotivation initiative  for 2013 which will be much more hands on and hopefully reach out to more people to provide encouragement and well… that motivation we all so love.

I’m truly sorry that I haven’t been as active in the last few months, but the whole pregnancy thing threw me. It was a difficult pregnancy.

I hope that everyone had a fantastic NaNoWriMo and that we’re all looking forward to a productive December/Holiday Season. I’ve really missed everyone, but getting used to motherhood is an amazing thing!