October. Half way done already.

I took a sort of mini, unannounced hiatus. Right now, I have multiple countdowns running.

2 days until November Goal check sign ups for #Writemotivation begin

6 days until my Birthday.

16 days until Halloween.

16 days for my self-imposed edit deadline.

17 days until my Parents arrive for 2.5 months.

30 days until my scheduled c-section, where my life will change forever.

So, it’s not like big things are happening, right? And with the added lack of energy this close to the end of pregnancy? Yep, you got it, even writing a blog post has become difficult.

But I will persevere!

Nursery is about 99% complete. Just two more loads of washing to do and everything will be prepared. It’s getting so close to time now… it’s almost surreal.

#Writemotivation has been helping me edit some. Not as much done as I would like to have, but I’ll get there. 1 chapter a day is doable, right? RIGHT?

Although I’ll sign up for November – my goal will probably consist of: have a healthy baby. LOL. I don’t expect too many people to sign up – it is NaNo month – but we can combine it and use Writemotivation to spur on some serious NaNo butt kicking! YES! I will however still contribute cookies, caffeine and flaming zombie dinosaur cheerleaders!

How has everyone else’s October been? Mine is just hectic as hell.