I’m taking a moment to blame my tardiness on my pregnancy. No, seriously – blame, blame, blame.

This afternoon I will attend my first physio session, and I hope to high hell that it helps, because I’m really at the end of my pain tolerance tether lol. Needless to say, concentrating when I’m in pain is a no go.

I managed to force myself into some form of concentration over the weekend – enough to sort through some #PitchMadness slush, which was actually a really fun experience. And as of this afternoon I’m really hoping to coerce my body into letting me write a bit. Hey – as long as I don’t move and barely breathe the pain isn’t bad 😀 Bright side, right?

Leigh has conned me into a multi-day word war. If I can get my head around the pain and fatigue, and concentrate for more than an hour – I think I might actually enjoy this hehe. Should be fun – and will help bring me into actually touching on my goals for September. Let’s face it, I’m not in the mood to do anything at any time of the day, let alone write/edit at the moment haha.

Hopefully the physio will make me feel better and solve all my pain woes!

So I have no real progress on my personal goals to report today, however I did manage to keep up my effort for PitchMadness and this makes me very proud.

Hope everyone else is having a great start to their September. Have you had any unexpected distractions/interruptions?

I think I’ll go eat some chocolate now and get ready to visit my fellow #Writemotivation blogs!