Well it’s nearing the end of #Writemotivation September 2012 and I’ve been failing abysmally at it.

However, I have managed to complete a major list of things – so I’ve decided to list all of that as accomplishments and make the future mommy in me feel a tad better. Don’t worry – one of them is actually writing related 😀

  • Compiled a list of all the edit changes I wish to make to current MS
  • Organize Pediatrician for Baby
  • Go on Hospital Tour
  • Book CPR and BF’ing classes
  • Have Baby Shower (2nd one on the 29th)
  • Organize office for when I’m away having baby
  • Organize all my spreadsheets in easy access spreadsheet for while I’m not in the office
  • Go to Physio and learn to manage the pain in my spine until baby is born

Even though I haven’t completed all of the things I wanted to writing wise, I stil feel like I managed to get a lot done this month.

My pain is at far more manageable levels now. Instead of a constant 6-8 on the pain scale, I’m probably closer to a 5, ranging 4-6… so for me – that’s SO much better. Let me actually get my edit notes compiled (still waiting on awesome agent’s feedback before I finish compiling them), but technically I can start in on edits now.

We had a slight scare on Friday last week. Baby girl didn’t move for 12 hours, not even after drinking 16oz of OJ and eating breakfast… So we ended up in Labour and Delivery (the day before we were due to go on our Hospital Tour haha).

I’m fine of course, so is the baby. She has a strong and steady heartbeat and the contractions I was having just need to be monitored.

So – all in all – September has turned into a good month, even if it didn’t start out so good.

Hoping October will be more productive for me – and well… we all know what I’ll be doing in November roflmao! However, with it being NaNo month, I know we were going to do a #writemotivation NaNo cheering month. I’ll have lots of help with this again.

I want to say so sorry for not being around as much as I usually am – plate’s been just a little full is all. I will do better – promise. And I’ll put up September’s cookie toward the end of the week.

Hope you’ve all had a great September!