This weekend went by in a whirl. So much to do, squeezed into such a small space of time. Does anyone else think weekends should be longer? I know I do. Like 3 days longer…

Anyway – this weekend was my first baby shower. That sounds odd, doesn’t it? But I am, in fact, having two of them. One for my friends who live out of town and locally, and I had to juggle their schedules to find the perfect date 😀 – which was on the 15th.

I had such an amazing time. These people have known me anywhere from over a year to almost ten years – and I love them all. Such wonderful people who made/bought/created gifts for my baby girl. I stayed up far too late, didn’t ice my back nearly enough, had far too much sugar and in the end Sunday paid me back three times for the mess I made of Saturday. But damned if I wouldn’t do Saturday all over again, because it was perfect!

So yes, my first baby shower was a definite success – I had a ball with people who’re very important to me, and got spoiled rotten. Thank you to everyone who attended, regardless of how long you could stay. Looking forward to seeing all of my family and work friends on  the 29th.

Of course – a few of my friends (considering they drove 3 hours one way to see me) needed to stay the night. The last of them didn’t leave until after 3pm on Sunday afternoon. My weekend was pretty much done with. We don’t need to go into the large amounts of pain and crap of Sunday night. because overall my weekend was fantastic.

Diaper Tower of wow 😀

However, there was sadly very little time set aside for writing of any kind 🙁 So – again, I have no progress to announce. This seems to be a theme this month. I’m hoping the last half of it picks up a little.

Still in the process of trying to nip the pain in the butt…spine… whatever haha

How is everyone else doing? I hope your September is being far more productive than mine!