I swear I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet (even though right now, my body feels like maybe I did).

First up – Apologies for not being the best #writemotivation person this month. Usually I’m a lot more involved and throwing cookies at everyone 24/7.

However, as I mentioned last week – I had to go to physio to see if we could sort out the pain I’ve been having since week 13 of my pregnancy.

Lo and behold – guess who was right? Me! It’s not ‘just round ligament’ pain. It’s referred pain from my back. Spine to be exact. The lower section of my spine is completely blocked and thus forcing some of the other vertebrae to work overtime and damage nerves which send out way too much pain to my lower body. Fun, right?


Because I’m pregnant, I can’t take anti-inflammatory anything. All I can do is ice my lumbar region and hope for the best. Frankly, it did make it feel better, until I went back yesterday for a follow up where my physio finished the tests for my diagnosis and then tried to work out some of the spine.

Cue last night – and my body was one huge ball of pain, far worse than when I went to visit last week. It’s even more difficult and painful to move and walking? Yeah, you can almost forget walking. It’s this sort of half stagger – if you didn’t know better, you’d think I was drunk. Oh yay – the joy.

So, this is my excuse, and I’m sticking to it. I don’t usually make excuses for not getting my writing done, but pain is not conducive to my creative process.  Actually – if I try my creative process while in pain, my characters always seem to end up angry, bitter and killing people I didn’t intend them to kill… Hmmm there’s probably a plotbunny there 😉

To sum up -September #Writemotivation is going abysmally for me. Pain has made my grand plans pale in comparison and thus I’m failing horribly at keeping up with people’s blogs. NEVER FEAR! I will try desperately to catch up on at least this week’s blogs and I apologize profusely in advance for being such a poor cheerleader this month.

Hope everyone else is having a far better September than I am. Tell me – let me live vicariously through your accomplishments 😀