I’ve been slightly missing in action due to traveling to the far away (read: 5 hour drive) Tablerock Lake 😀

We had a fantastic weekend there. Lots of shopping in Branson, a second visit to the Titanic Museum (seriously, if you’ve not been there – GO, GO NOW!), and gorgeous food. Nom. Nom. Nom.

However, when we got home, I needed another vacation to recover from the vacation I just took. Oh well, it’s always the way, isn’t it.

Then there’s the #writemotivation. Naturally, with a long weekend of not being near significant internet, I didn’t get much other than some relaxing and inspiration done. August is not turning out to be my most productive month. I blame the baby (heh heh – I only have just under 3 months more to milk that excuse!).

If you’ve not signed up for #writemotivation September 2012 – go do so here. There will be cookies – The best kind!

I’m hoping September will be better, even though September is Baby Shower month! It is also a #writemotivation month. I’ll be doing that whole juggling thing again. I should probably start charging admission 😉

Baby is kicking up a storm. We’ve passed the six month mark now… it’s starting to get scarier. November will be here in no time.

GuildWars 2 comes out this weekend. Well it does if you pre-ordered it, and I pre-ordered it, so I’m playing – bwah hah hah. Which is a good thing. Maybe I’ll get some of it out of my system before September so I can concentrate on my September Goal List! 😀

So that’s it – a quick update for me. How is everyone else doing?