I should probably clear up any confusion people may have.

Yes, I’m an avid video gamer, to the point of having to watch myself when I play. As in – I generally let them take over my life and forget about everything else. With my writing ‘career’ having taken a serious turn, and a baby on the way – both my husband and I agreed we’d just play games casually.

This has led to me mostly avoiding them completely 😀 I find it very difficult to do things at half mast 😉

However – Guild Wars 2 headstart was this weekend, and of course I’d preordered it (as did hubs) and we played. But I was proud of us. We still did housework, cooked our meals and didn’t play 24/7. For anyone who plays more on the ‘hardcore’ side of things, you’ll understand what an accomplishment this was lol.

I did enjoy it. Got my main – a Sylvari Necromancer to 20, and rolled my Mesmer as well. I genuinely like the game, especially that it doesn’t have a monthly fee.  What I don’t like is character storage space – excuse me whilst I go growl at something. Character storage space needs to be real world money paid for. I’m irked. Definitely irked 😉 And their special in game currency – gems – has no benefit for buying the damn things in bulk. You get the same amount of gems per $ if you buy $10 or $50 worth. This makes no sense to me at all… grrrrr


This leads me to #writemotivation. I had a lovely chat with my agent last week, and feel about 500000000000 times better about a lot of things. Mainly the way I structure my stories and the gradual revelation of information – and the style and voice I write with. I feel much better about it, and happy with a few decisions we made. September #writemotivation will be fantastic for me!

By the way, if you haven’t signed up – don’t forget to do so here!

Needless to say – September will be a huge edit month for me.

How about you? Are you looking forward to September? Do you let games distract you too much?