Hi there 😀

So, I was supposed to go to an awesome writer’s meeting this weekend, but life being what it is rose up and I couldn’t make it. I’m fully determined to make the next one. MUST HAPPEN.

On the bright side, it did leave me some time to tackle a couple of my July #writemotivation goals.

I feel pretty good about being able to strike at two off the table – and lets face it, there really is almost half of the month left to go 🙂

1. Make Progress on TDP 2 second draft
2. Crit CP work if available (H)
3. Outline/Plot F (A.I 3)
4. Begin writing F (A.I. 3)
5. Develop a good blog consistency
6. Be more active in comments/social networking

YAY – do you see that? Two crossed out goals.

On Saturday I sat myself down, because if I couldn’t go to the writer’s meeting, I was sure as hell going to write 😀

I plotted out A.I. 3 (Because there’s a segment I’m stuck on in F and I don’t like pushing things when I’m stuck). And then I started writing A.I. 3. Actually, I’m 10% into the first draft as we speak, so those two goals are awesomely done. I’m glad I didn’t type in finish writing A.I. 3 – but I’m aiming for that anyhu. Should be done in like 10-12 days or so… maybe.

Now – I’ll tackle the 2nd draft of TDP 2 at the end of the month. So that’s 1. I’ve begun not only H’s crit but another crit for another CP. Slowly working on those. Baby brain and I are not friends right now. Let’s leave it at that.

Number 5 – I can consistently keep up with 2 blog posts a week. Though I’d like to up it to 3, I don’t think I’m quite up to it yet. I run out of things to say. So I think twice a week is consistent, yes? Maybe? We’ll see if I keep it up through the end of the month.

And 6 – I’ve tried to be much more active in social networking this week – and I tried very hard to comment on most of the writemotivation posts from last week. If I can keep it up, I’ll cross that off the list at the end of the month too.

So – that it for me! The week was great. Baby registry is done, two of my goals are already off the list, and I think I can manage the rest – YAY!

How was your week? Is July shaping up the way you wanted it to?