And it’s that time of week again – where we check in with our goals to see how we’re doing.

Apart from hitting my Blogiversary last week, and still being fantastically ill with the zombie virus, I didn’t really have too much going on. Except for the writemotivation and cheering, cookie baking and generally dodging all sorts of flaming zombies.

1. Make Progress on TDP 2 second draft
2. Crit CP work if available (H)
3. Outline/Plot F
4. Begin writing F
5. Develop a good blog consistency
6. Be more active in comments/social networking

So far, I can’t cross anything out. TDP 2 will happen. I think my headspace is getting there. 2 is going to take a while to critique so another couple of weeks on that one. 3 is almost complete, but I’m not happy with it. There’s something missing, which leads to 4 probably being a no go if I can’t get 3 to work. I may replace F with AI 3  though and solve all my problems 😀

I think I’m developing a good blogging consistency, but we’ll see how that goes at the end of the month before we think about crossing it off, and I do believe I’m being more active and I know if people link their blog posts in the #writemotivation hashtag, that I will go and visit them. I’m much better at organizing myself that way lol.

So I’m on track with 1, 2, 5 & 6 and if I change 3&4 to AI I’ll probably get on track with those too.

This Saturday I’m going to Lawrence to meet with some fellow writers – including several of my #writemotivation buddies 😀 This will be fun and I’m hoping the cough is mostly gone by then.

Also – stay tuned for a super secret project (SSP). No – this doesn’t mean next week or the week after- but at some time in the not completely distant future 😉 there might be something cool happening.

Hope you’re all having a fantastic July so far. Here’s to a great rest of the month 😀

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Happy Monday!