Congratulations to Amy Cavenaugh 😀

Thank you to everyone who entered and spread the word. I’m so glad this brought Judith’s amazing talents to the attention of lots of new people. Really, she’s fantastic. Everyone should follow her and query her (check her query guidelines here).

Amy has won a query critique by Judith Engracia. Amy – please use the contact form on my site to send me a message so I can verify the email address and send you instructions for your query letter email to Judith.

I’m really excited about this – thank you all for making it a success. We had over 60 people enter the contest.  Hoping to bribe cajole entice my lovely agent into some more giveaways like this in the future and might expand the amount of prizes we can offer.

What sort of things would you find most helpful in a giveaway? Any and all suggestions welcome.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hope everyone has a fantastic July! And don’t forget to pop over to the #writemotivation hashtag  if you’re in need of some cheering on 😀