And it’s another Monday. Funny that. Happens once a week, I swear 😉

This week, I’m happy with my progress.

1. Make Progress on TDP 2 second draft
2. Crit CP work if available (H)
3. Outline/Plot F
4. Begin writing F
5. Develop a good blog consistency
6. Be more active in comments/social networking

It doesn’t look like I’ve done much more than I had last week, but I swear I have. I’m almost 50% done with AI 3 😀

Still having to work on that crit. My crit brain is not what it was without baby lol. The analytical side just goes looks at me like it thinks I’m insane for wanting it to function.

Plenty of time for that after baby… well, squeezed in between naps and feedings and everything else I’ll have to do. I’m trying to be optimistic here 😉

I’m determined to make some progress on TDP2 and the crit before the month is out. If I keep my twice weekly posting up by the end of the week, I’ll have fulfilled that goal too, and I fully plan to go through all the writemotivation posts tomorrow and cheer people on 😀

Just a short update from me today – Look for me retweeting a LOT tomorrow 😀

How is your July going? We’re getting down to the end of it.