So, today was a very productive day for me.

I wanted to hit a certain milestone on A.I. 3 – and since I’d stumbled across the most delicious lunch on Thursday, I thought – well, if I hit that number, I’ll reward myself by cooking that again. I don’t think I’ve ever written so much in so little time before.

Food, good food – is apparently my best motivator. Perhaps it has a lot to do with the baby – but I do like my food.

And then there’s the Olympics.

See, I adore the Olympics.

Always have, and always will. Of course, the fact that I get to watch the Gymnastics also helps. And the swimming… and the eventing. Okay – I just love the Olympics. Even though right now the NBC coverage is not really doing it for me. Irritating actually.

However – I thought I should forewarn people that I might be mildly incoherent for the next couple of weeks while I get my Olympics fix 😀 Tuning in online on Sunday for my Girls team qualifiers. WOOT!

However on Monday with the last Writemotivation post for the month, I will be including the cookies badges for July 😀 If you finished all your goals – you can nab it and pop it on an achievements page or something 😀 Cookies of the best kind – no calories 😀

So, how do you bribe yourself to hit your word count goals? Do you love the Olympics too?