Hahaha 😀 I know everyone always says: Oh, I just want a healthy baby. But hubs and I really wanted a girl.

However, we’d resigned ourselves to the fact that because we both wanted a girl, it would be a boy. Because really, isn’t that how life goes? I almost didn’t believe the tech when she told us. I had to make sure she wasn’t joking.

So after letting it sink in for a while, we ventured out and picked up loads of baby things (well not loads, but some cute clothes). Sadly, most of the range is in pink at Target. I need to get out to other places so we can diversify her colours a bit. I know, I know. Girls = pink, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put in blues, greens, purples, turquoises and other pretty colours. Let’s face it. Babies look cute in anything.

The thing is – 2012 has been far too good to me. Agent, Pregnancy and now finding out the baby is a girl. Something has to give, right? Probably won’t get that book deal 😉 But that’s okay, I have enough other plotbunnies, and one almost completely drafted other series, so the next submission can just get sold. Fair trade off, right?

I’m looking forward to November, and trying to juggle both my writing, editing and a baby. Should be exciting, right? Never a dull moment haha! Talk about more inspiration and motivation 😀

Hope everyone is doing great – if you’ve not yet signed up for #writemotivation July – pop on over here and do so!