Annnnd here we are! May 1st 2012 – another #writemotivation goal check month 😀

Now, if my brain has done this right – everyone’s name should link to their website, and their twitter handle to their twitter handle. We do have one non-twitter person, but maybe we can lure them to the darkside – bwah hah hah! This month, we have 34 participants!

This was the initial sign up page if you’d like to nab the badge! Please remember to give credit for the image. Also – no more sign ups for this month. We’ll have another in July. Sign up post will be in mid-June 😀

Please note: even if you aren’t signed up for #writemotivation on the list, feel free to take part in the hashtag and cheer and be cheered. Beware of flaming zombie stripper cheerleaders… I may have that turned around 😉

For a refresher –

The Rules:

  1. Make a list of realistic goals for the month – and achieve them.
  2. Make a Blog Post every week (preferably Monday, but if you don’t post on Mondays just add it to the next day you would normally post :D ). This is to help us keep tabs on our own progress, and for others to cheer us on if it’s a difficult week. Please link to the post in the #writemotivation hashtag
  3. Visit your #writemotivation team mates blogs, and participate in the #writemotivation hashtag to cheer people on

Beta Match Up

I will post the list up next Wednesday – May 9th, and we will take it from there. I’ll do anything I can to facilitate between people, but by that time we’ll probably all have thrown cookies, caffeine and cheerleaders at each other anyway 😉

May Roll Call List!

Name Twitter Handle Goals for May 2012
K.T. Hanna @KTHanna 1. Send Edits to Agent
2. Go to OWFI
3. Plot AI-2
4. Write AI-2
5 .Finish TDP 2 Draft 2
6. Be more consistent with blog posts/blog reading
Leigh Caroline @leigh_caroline 1. Finish edits on TH.
2. Decide if it gets to be queried or not: If yes, query. If not, chose another project to work on, with querying potential, and begin edits on that.
3. Keep up with critiques.
4. Work on turning SW into novel form from script.(Not putting Have the condo finished, because that’s up to contractors, but I really hope that happens in May, or I might go insane)
Jamie Dement (LadyJai) @I_Am_LadyJai 1) Complete the necessary blog posts for #WriteMotivation, maybe through in a few “others” as well.
2) I still struggle with giving myself a word count goal, so let’s just leave it at “make forward momentum!” Progress is always good!
3) Provide unending support, cheering, and cookie flinging, to anyone who needs it.My goals may change, I don’t know. But this making a good listing in a trying time.
Andrew Patterson @DyadicEchoes 1) Finish First Draft of WIP#1. I might have to push it a couple days, but I think I can do it.
2) Cheer on the rest of my #writemotivation tweeps
3) Blog at least once a week
Z. M. Wilmot @ZMWilmot 1. I will write eight chapters in my novel Beneath.
Rebekah Loper @RebekahLoper 1. Complete 1st draft of Undoing
2. Seriously work on revising Weeping Willow & prep synopsis & first three chaps for Ozark contest
3. Edit/revise essay for Ozark contest
4. Write devotionals through August (so I can start on #5)
5. Start working on devotional book
Ann Cory @Ann_Cory Blog 3 – 4 times a week
Finish rough draft of WIP#1
Finish rough draft of WIP#2
Exercise 4 – 5 times a week
Heather Jacobs @stateofego 1) Finish WIP#2 To Protect
2) Start revisions on WIP#1 We the People
3) Blog Weekly
4) Think more positively
5) Complete blog about politics in writing
Bonnie Rae @BRLouwerens Goal 1: Complete the first 50-55 thousand words of draft one for the second book in the “Nether Trilogy”
Goal 2: Blog at least twice a week. (Hopefully more)
Goal 3: Read at least two books.
Goal 4: Attend the gym 5-6 days a week. (Or at least 5-6 workout sessions each week)
Goal 5: Lose at least 3-5 pounds.I know the last two aren’t “writing” specific goals, but they need to happen. I sit all day writing in my cave with “grazing” trips to my fridge. I am replacing my healthy snacks with even healthier snacks and cutting back drastically on processed sugars and sodium. I love being a full time writer, just not the butt it likes to give me.
Becca @callmebecks 1. Finish polish on PD and start querying (yikes!)
2. Begin outline of new WIP
3. Post at least four updates on The Man’s and my personal blog
4. Enter The Writers Voice contest and don’t die
5. Launch copy editing services page
6. Revamp blog
Dawn and Scott Flemington @DSFlemington 1. Finish final draft of Dirty Little Secret2. Finish final draft of the ghost ship story
Jocelyn Rish @jocelynrish Only one goal this month because I REALLY need to be held accountable to it:Finish the rewrite of my WIP!!!!  (the exclamation marks mean I’m serious – for realz this time)
Stephanie Berget @stephanieberget 1. Edit 10 pages 5 days a week.
2. Exercise 30 minutes 5 days a week
3.Finish & Implement practices in Time Management from the Inside Out.
4. Phone my mom every week.
Alison Stone @Alison_Stone Add 20K to wip
Lissa Clouser @LissaClouser 1) Complete first drafts for 5 new poems2) Create a detailed plan for the next 3 months (through the beginning of August) of contests and open submissions I want to participate in.

3) Schedule muse posts and book reviews for the blog through the end of June.

Marcy NO TWITTER Write at least 1 hour daily Monday thru Saturday.
Valerie Lawson @litbeing 1. Revise the query for my completed YA manuscript until it’s tight enough to bounce a quarter off the sucker.2. Research prospective agents to whom I want to submit my completed YA manuscript.

3. Once items one and two have been successfully achieved, submit to at least three agents at a time.

4. Get cracking on the next YA manuscript I have planned so I don’t check my inbox every thirty minutes awaiting responses to my submissions.

Megan @PinkAwayKit 1. Mark up manuscript for JF1
2. Write at least 25k of ATS
3. Character profile sheets for JF1
4. Detailed outline for JF1
5. General outline for JF2
6. JF evaluation
7. 5 SP Crits
8. Weekly posts on 5AB
Candace Gauger @OKAuthor 1) Finish first round edits on Test of Ascension.
2) Complete Union of Earth and Spirit.
3) Complete edits/revisions on Black Friday
4) Finish transcribing current Black Friday 2
5) Edit first three stories of Trysts of the Hearts and start 6th story
Jae Chastain @MissMuffet1O1 1. 2 short stories
2. Script finished
3. Step it up on my blog
Michelle @MichellePierce 1. Finish draft 3 of 2006 NaNo WIP.
2. Post 3 times a week on the blog.
3. Get Buzz weird news and Buzz movies written and sent off by May 13.
Avery Marsh @Avery_Marsh 1. Finish plotting the rewrite.
2. Plan out the rest of the series using the changes from #1.
3. Write at least 30k of rewrite.
Sue Ann Bowling @sueannbowling 1. Get the garden going. Given the earlier springs up here lately, I’ll try to get the beans started indoors by April 25 and the squash by April 30; plant outdoors before Memorial Day. Get seeds in before Memorial Day if possible. This will involve getting the hoops to support plastic covers up on all three raised beds.
2. Keep up daily blogging using my existing schedule: Alaska weather Monday, review Tuesday, quotation context Wednesday, wild card Thursday, Jarn’s Journal (back history on my sf novels) Friday, Science/technology/health Saturday, and Six Sentence Sunday Sunday. http://homecomingbook.wordpress.com/
3. Keep up Context? Tweets daily @sueannbowling
4. Put at least two interesting science links a day on Homecoming’s page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Homecoming/109303925759274
5. Get outdoors for at least a couple of hours a day when the weather cooperates, either gardening or tricycle riding.
6. Read over entire trilogy for flow; put bits on Six Sentence Sunday; find a beta reader or two if possible.
Mostly this is continuation of my regular schedule, adjusted for time of year.
Heather @HeatherCashman 1. Send out 10 query letters.
2. Take framework for WIP and make a full outline.
Tia Bach @Tia_Bach_Author 1. Write a minimum of five days a week for a total of 2,500 words on my works in progress.2. Get current novel, Depression Cookies, up on Smashwords by month’s end.

3. Read a book every 10 days, plus at least one craft book in the month of May.

Michael Haynes @mohio73 1) Except for a Memorial Day Weekend blogging hiatus, keep all my writing routines — Daily Writing Chain (aka Seinfeld Chain), blogging schedule, etc.
2) Write and submit one or more short stories for the first time.
3) Make revisions to my non-fiction project based on feedback and my own editing of it.
4) Write 7,500 words of new fiction. –
5) On 5/31, have two non-time-sensitive blog posts written and ready for future use on a day when I’m not able to post something “new.”
6) Launch at least one new eBook
Adam Smith @amsmith0903 1.) Write >1000 words in my WIP on each “devoted writing day” in the month of May (minimum, 3 days a week)
2.) Write one blog post per week giving updates on progress and / or reviewing a book.
Rachael Harrie @RachaelHarrie (1) Finish plotting DARK (and incorporate any comments by CPs into plotting notes)
(2) More detailed characterization of secondary characters
(3) Organize Scrivener so I’m all ready to begin writing
(4) Write. Write. Write
(5) Finish first draft by May 31, 2012
A.J. Locke @maqueripe I just started a novel so I would like to see myself complete a first draft by the end of May.1. Finish draft of WIP
2. Come up with a title for WIP (titles are sometimes difficult!)
3. Do another round of edits on latest completed novel
4. Continue querying for project that’s currently in the query stage
Mia K Rose @miakrose 1) Finish up first draft of BREAKING ETERNAL.
2) Do initial line edits.
3) Have a workable second draft by May 31st.
Cheyenne Hill @chylu 1) Send out a new batch of queries for my 1st novel – minimum: 15.
2) Rework few small sections of 1st novel based on recent feedback.
3) WIP: finish 2nd draft of first 7 chapters.
4) WIP: finish outline.
5) WIP: write 3 more chapters.
Melisse Aires @Melisse_Aires I want to finish a SFR novella, currently at 30k. Currently I am adding sensual layers/hotness, but the ending needs changed quite a bit. SO, content edits, rewrite ending, general edits and polish for submission.
Angela Brown @neostateofmind Name: Angela L Brown
Twitter: @neostateofmind
Goals for May 2012:
1: Complete first draft of NEVERLOVE.
2: Comment to other blogs, at least 20 to 25 a week.
3. Complete minimum two blog posts a week.Have these goals listed on my #writemotivation page at my blog.
Damyanti @damyantig 1. Need to write 800 words a day on WIP, 5 days a week= 4000 words
2. Post on my 2 blogs twice a week= 4 posts a week
3. Work on editing 2 short stories– 3000 words each.

That’s all of us!

Here’s to a fantastic #writemotivation May 2012! This is going to be a FANTASTIC month!

If you have any questions – just ask them below and I’ll get to them asap!