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It’s not that I’m not working towards my #writemotivation goals. It’s simply that this month things are different. I imagine my meticulous planning habit is going to have to start accommodating for potential requests from my agent. 😀 Not that this is a bad thing.

While I definitely haven’t backslid, there has been no noticeable progress on my list because a couple of things crept up last week that I had to take care of.

1. Send Edits to Agent
2. Go to OWFI
3. Plot AI-2
4. Write AI-2
5 .Finish TDP 2 Draft 2
6. Be more consistent with blog posts/blog reading

We need to insert 2b – Send final edits to agent + the synopsis for books 2 & 3. Which is what I spent the last week working on 😀

This week I plan to plot out AI-2, and begin writing it. So, 3 & 4 are looking good. 6 is looking good too. By the end of the month I should be back on my regular posting schedule.

However, 5 is not going to happen this month. I may begin it, but I’m not going to push myself to do so. 5 will be pushed to June and hopefully out to my beta readers by the end of that month 😀

Also – since I have a baby on the way now, I’m trying to build in certain things I know I won’t be able to manage with a new born. My list just got that much more complicated, but I think my life just got that much better 😉

So, those are how my goals are going, how’re yours? Do you find setting goals for yourself works? Do you remember to be realistic and build in time you may need for unforeseen circumstances (also known as life)?

Hope you’re all having a fantastic May as well!