It’s that time of week again, except I almost forgot that it was Monday. You know, the whole long weekend thing.

May is almost over. This is our last official check in for the month. And time to review the goals I set for myself way back in mid-April.

Now considering my bundle of joy is due in November, I’m quite happy with what I got done this month. Although, I will say it wasn’t quite as productive as I’d hoped.

1. Send Edits to Agent
2. Go to OWFI
3. Plot AI-2
4. Write AI-2
5 .Finish TDP 2 Draft 2
6. Be more consistent with blog posts/blog reading

Like I said a couple of weeks ago, 5 wasn’t going to happen. Looking back at TDP 1 I’m probably going to need a full month on TDP 2 edits. The first to second draft is a huge process (for me), and I have to make sure I do it right.

Also – I didn’t quite reach the consistency I wanted on posting blogs and reading those of my fellow #writemotivation and writer community folks. I feel quite guilty for that. But I’ll work on this for June as well.

I will complete 4 by Thursday. I’m about 9k out from my original word goal, but will probably add around 15-18k before I finish it. Definitely doable  by the 31st of May. It took a while to build up a bit of brain stamina, but I managed to. So this weekend I knocked out almost 40k. Not quite my usual pre-pregnancy splurge, but definitely respectable. And I feel that working in concentrated chunks is far more productive and produces far better prose.

So – yay. Let’s notch 4 up to a happy victory – if a bit premature 😉

I also have to remember that I managed to squeeze in another quick round of edits to send to my Agent this month, which wasn’t on my list. And so, I’m allowed to be proud of that too (and that my book goes out on submission very soon *insert squee/nervous/scared fit here*).

#Writemotivation keeps me going some days. It’s fantastic to have multiple people cheering each other on, and it’s grown in such a way, that I don’t always have to be the person doing the cheering (I think my dayjob is happy about this too). I love #writemotivation and everyone who participates. I’ll post up another sign up sheet in a couple of weeks. Hope to see everyone back in July!

How did you think the beta match up went? Did anyone find some beta partners? What do you think I could do to improve on this for next time? How was your May? Did you achieve everything you wanted to?