You know those plans? The ones you were going to stick to and pull off until something not on your plan dove in and muddled everything up?

Yeah – those plans.

Enter: Migraine/Headache from hell.

You see, it didn’t start out as a migraine on Wednesday night, it just started out as a headache that stayed all through the night and woke with me on Thursday. And proceeded to get worse and worse the longer I was awake.

But didn’t you take meds and/or try to sleep it off I hear you ask?

Why yes, I did both of the above. Enter Tylenol and a round of two hours sleep. Hi constantly worsening headache. By the time I tried to sleep on Thursday night, it’d reached migraine proportions. We’re talking elephant sized. Good thing it was already dark – because light and I were NOT getting on at this stage.

And Friday – oh Friday how you hated me. Headache was back (a nice change from Migraine), but decided to slowly develop back INTO migraine and then further through to super migraine despite every nap I could throw at it. I felt like a vampire. Light hurt, and I swear if I stepped out in it, I’d burst into flame (no, I don’t sparkle thank you very much).

I even lost weight. The whole migraine thing not letting me eat lol. Not a good thing when expecting, but it was what it was. Had a brief respite for a few hours until it came back and bombarded me with pain at about 10pm and refused to let me sleep decently for most of the night.

Finally I attacked it on Saturday with tylenol and sunglasses. I FREAKING WON.

Maybe I shouldn’t say that so caps locky. After all the slight throb stayed in the back of my head until last night… sooooo As it stands now I have one victory. We don’t need to count how many Migraine has, do we?

The point to this story is: I wanted to be three days into writing AI2, but I’m only one day into it. Still – the #writemotivation goals are chugging along and I feel good about it.

1. Send Edits to Agent
2. Go to OWFI
3. Plot AI-2
4. Write AI-2
5 .Finish TDP 2 Draft 2
6. Be more consistent with blog posts/blog reading

YAY – so yeah 1, 2 and 3 down. I SHOULD manage 4, buuuuut you know – best laid plans and all 😉

Also – that blogging thing will get whipped into shape this week!

How has your week been? Have you had a chance to pop over and check out the beta match up? Is your month progressing the way you wanted it to? Did you have any unexpected/unwanted interruptions this week?