Hi everyone!

It’s our first Monday check in for the May #Writemotivation month. Even though I’ve been a bit absent, due to the horrific internet in the hotel where OWFI was held, I’m still here and still on track – or I hope I’m on track 😉

It seems like everyone is having a great cheering time!


Over the weekend (or from Thursday – Saturday) I went with my local crit buddies Seti and Heather to Oklahoma City and attended OWFI. It was a lot of fun. Met a lot of fabulous people including some of my fellow #writemotivation people 😀

Also met some agents and found out they’re not quite the intimidating creatures you think they are… at least not up close – from a distance though 😉 And I met some awesome editors too. Melissa Frain from Tor gave a fantastic presentation on Genre Fiction. Overall, the weekend was definitely worth it – my next goal will be to attend an even bigger conference!


I don’t believe I posted my goals anywhere but the list this time. So, here they are:

1. Send Edits to Agent
2. Go to OWFI
3. Plot AI-2
4. Write AI-2
5 .Finish TDP 2 Draft 2
6. Be more consistent with blog posts/blog reading

Now, I think I can definitely get 3 & 4 done, and I’m working on 6. But 5 might be a bit difficult because – I’ll get my final round of clean up from my agent today – and have to go through fixing typos etc so we can send out TDP1 on submission.

OMG – I’ll be going out on submission soon. *faints*


The 2nd draft might not get completed, but it will definitely get started.

I’ll be posting the information on the beta match up on Wednesday.

How is everyone going with their month? Are you excited for the rest of May?