Hello and welcome to the first #writemotivation beta match up.

Please bear with me as this is the first ever match up I’ve hosted.

We had 13 sign ups in diverse fiction categories, so there weren’t really enough to divide into categories.

Instead, I’ve highlighted what people are looking for and genre where applicable. Some are offering to be a CP/beta and asking for small crits in return. Most want a reciprocal relationship.

Included are the relevant websites and twitter handles. Since we’re likely all following each other on Twitter for #writemotivation, it might be easiest to just tweet the person you’re interested in partnering with. However, feel free to discuss in the comments below as well.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask, I can try and find out more information if needed/wanted.

There are a lot of great people looking for crit/beta partners – so good luck everyone!

Name Twitter Handle What people are offering/looking for!
Jamie Dement (LadyJai) @I_Am_LadyJai I’m probably no where near in the same place as everyone else. But if you want a  line-by-line honest critique on a chapter or two, or a short story, let me know. I usually have shorts ready for crit. But my novel is not ready at all yet.
Andrew Patterson @DyadicEchoes Genre: Any. I’m more of a SF/F and Paranormal person, but anything is fine.  If I CP/Beta for someone, I would like them to reciprocate, but if they can’t that is fine.
Rebekah Loper @RebekahLoper I will be looking for a CP/Beta right away for a book of Christian devotionals.  I estimate it will be no longer than 30,000 words, and it will consist of 52 weekly devotionals.  The viewpoint will be a writer’s developing relationship with God and how both sides of that influence life and decisions.I am willing to read just about anything, but I write fantasy (besides devotionals), so those are the types of stories that I can help with the best.  I may be in the middle of moving from an apartment to a house, though, so don’t give me anything that has a deadline sooner than 4 weeks out from getting it to me.
Ann Cory @Ann_Cory I write in all genres – from sweet to spicy romance, as well as non romance stories. I’m looking for both CP’s and Betas.
Bonnie Rae @BRLouwerens I am looking for two betas and one CP.My current CP just had a baby and doesn’t have much time on her hands anymore.CP Relationship: You red pen mine and I will red pen yours. Corrective criticism, friendship aside. Honesty is the best policy when writing / critiquing. Quick turnaround. Doesn’t have to be next day, but same week kind of thing is best.

Betas: Just what betas do best, read it and tell me what took them out of the story. Tell me what they love and what they hate. What worked for them and what didn’t? Do the characters have strong voices? Does the story have good flow? You get the idea.

During the month of May I can only afford to either do one beta read or full time CP partnership in return. I am going to be writing out the first draft of my second book NaNo style – start to finish in thirty days or less. During my editing/second draft phase I will have more time to do more beta reads.

I am looking for people who enjoy reading YA, paranormal with hints of romance. If it works for both parties I am looking for long term beta and CP’s. =) I will read just about anything but horror. I love sci/fi, fantasy, and YA.

Dawn and Scott Flemington @DSFlemington M/M romance, 50-75k, reciprocal Beta to read or cheer lead on…
Stephanie Berget @stephanieberget Critique first chapter.
Lissa Clouser @LissaClouser I’d love to work with anyone who does poetry.This is primarily what I’m needing someone to read and give feedback on as I’m working on various poetry projects. I’m open to a beta or CP, but beta might be preferred because I have other CPs already.If you are not a poetry writer but are willing to be a beta for my work, I will happily reciprocate in reading short stories. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to help with novels right now.

I write many different kinds of poetry including spiritual (though not specific to any one religion), darker lit, fantasy, personal (memory and experience based), and more.

Candace Gauger @okauthor Genre: fiction sub-genre: furryCurrently at 60k words.  Revisions could take to 80k if not more.

I’m seeking someone to read and find inconsistencies, plot holes and general overall view of two fiction based novels and one erotic based story.  No grammar checking required.

I will offer the same to whom ever wishes an open mind and good eye to beta their works.  I do take a while to read any given length story due to time constraints.

Avery Marsh @Avery_Marsh YA Sci-Fi (Space Opera): A sixteen-year-old amnesiac is the only witness to her planet’s deactivation.85k (but I’m rewriting it for this month’s #writemotivation)

I’m new to critiquing, so I’m pretty flexible as to how to go about the exchange. But I’d like someone who can be patient with my inexperience and honest about my work. Any input on any aspect is appreciated: writing ability, plot, character development, grammar, plausibility, nitpicking, etc. Tear it to shreds. I need to grow a thicker skin, anyway.

I’m also flexible with critiques given. (Though I warn you, I’m definitely NOT a grammar expert.) I can focus on one particular aspect at a time, give a generalized opinion of the whole thing, or nitpick. Whatever you need.

Sue Ann Bowling @sueannbowling This may be a bit much, but I have a science fiction trilogy (about 400,000 word total) I’d really like some feedback on. It’s not heavy science; more how people would react to human (and some alien) problems in different cultures. The Trilogy is set in the same universe as Homecoming and Tourist Trap but a couple of hundred years later with some of the same (non-aging) characters, and descendents of some of the aging characters. Bits have been on Six Sentence Sunday on my blog.
Cheyenne Hill @chylu My WIP is a fantasy, length will probably be around 80-90k.My first novel, which I’m currently querying, is 90k, and is 20-something women’s fiction.

I’d love to find someone happy with both genres (or one, if that’s impossible!). I’m happy to read an entire manuscript at once, or a few chapters a week, giving feedback weekly. Whatever is preferred. I’m also happy to read and given feedback on WIP work once a week, or once every other week, and vice versa. I can also be more laid back than this as well, depending on what the person would like 🙂

I don’t need line edits, but would love an eye for flow, character development, dialogue, plot movement, etc.

Thank you! 🙂

Damyanti @damyantig I’ve started work on a literary crime novel, and just need someone to do a primary read, and figure out points of flagging interest, or any large questions/ plot holes.

If you did not sign up and would like to let people know you’re also looking or willing to beta – please drop a note in the comments.

Hope everyone’s #writemotivation is going fantastically well 😀

May just keeps getting better!