In case my fantastic amount of inactivity on the net didn’t give it away – I’m sick. I’ve been sick for two weeks now.

When I say sick, I mean SICK. I mean raging fever, clogged nose, cough of death, and generally fighting off the zombie virus from hell.

This has caused four things to happen:

  1. I dropped out of the A-Z challenge, due to pure lack of energy to click buttons.
  2. I’ve been woefully absent in cheering on all my friends with their #writemotivation goals. I apologize profusely for this.
  3. I’ve been horrifically negligent of Triberr. Actually I sort of forgot about it until this morning. Will rectify my absence asap!
  4. I’ve lapsed into a brain rut where I only have so many good minutes in me per day to work on edits.

Now, if you know me, you realize that number 4 is killing me. When I’m healthy, I can pound out quality edits in a more than timely manner. Hell, I can even surprise myself with what I come up with. Right now, however? I’m having major issues keeping any focus for longer than thirty minutes, which makes completing the edits my awesome agent has asked me to do (and there aren’t even that many!) a slow and agonizing process.

In short – this zombie virus has made me feel like a different person. My only hope is to get over it soon, because I’m not used to being this unproductive – or slowly productive. It’s just not what I do!

Okay – now that rant is over. Thank you for sticking with me.

I’d like to move onto #writemotivation.

I’m really excited for May. I have another 7 days to get rid of this zombie virus so I can dive into May with renewed energy and be back to my old self 😀 Wish me luck!

We’ve already had over 20 sign ups. I’m still curious as to how someone managed to sign up on the March sheet, but I will transpose their entry hehe.

We have quite a few new people on board AND even one person who doesn’t use Twitter.

The Beta Match Up

I’ve not done one of these before, but I’ve seen them take place. I’ll make a post early May listing everyone who is looking for a beta match up. I will try to divide them into specific genres/and or those who are willing to do a wide range of genres.

This should allow for easy reference. Everyone will have everyone’s twitter handle – and we can go from there and start in on the Match Up!


May 3-5 is the OWFI conference in Oklahoma City. I’m really looking forward to this. Of course, I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d have an agent by this date, so I’ll be cancelling my pitch session. But I’m still really looking forward to the conference. Going with my local crit group and hoping to meet up with some of my #writemotivation buddies there too!

So basically – I’m here to tell the Zombie virus that I don’t have time for it! I have way too much shit to do in May! HAH!

How has your April been? Have you been sick? Been stuck in a rut? Had a fantastic month?

Let me know!