Today is the last day of April. I know, obvious, right?

But for me, April has been my worst month productively this year. Never mind that for the last 3 weeks I’ve been fighting off the previously mentioned Zombie virus. I refuse to let it carry over into May as I have far too much to do in that month. So, who’s with me? May will be a fantastic month!


Now for the cool news 😀 Brenda, who organized the whole Pitchmadness thing, interviewed me last week! I was really excited, since it’s thanks to her brainchild that I got my but into gear and had TDP ready a month ahead of schedule 😀 If you’d like to see the interview – please pop over to A Pitchmadness Success Story 😀


I’ve been, when my zombie brain would allow, homing in on my edits. Now – if I were at normal operation capability (read: not sick), then I would have had these edits out of the way within a week as there really wasn’t tonnes to do. Fiddly things, clever insertions to add some more oomph, but overall, not much. As it is, it’s taken me two weeks so far.

I hope to have the rest of them finished by tonight/tomorrow and sent off to my agent (hahaha I can SAY THAT) before I leave for OWFI on Thursday. Cross your fingers for me, my brain currently needs the help.

Guild Wars 2

Yeah, so it’s not in my title, but the first beta weekend was this past weekend, and it was awesome. I really enjoyed it. I didn’t play non-stop (which is a first for me), and I actually took my time getting to know the classes I tried out, and when best to use which skills. With the beta weekend a casual success for me (that I juggled with edits) I have hopes that I’ll be able to play my first ever casual mmo game.


Yay 😀 I’ll post up the participant list tomorrow morning (as in, I’ll get it ready tonight & tomorrow morning). You all know where to find us on Twitter – although I’ll highlight our non-twitter participant so we go visit their blog 😀

Next week I will post up the beta match so we can spend the rest of the month meeting, greeting and finding beta partners 😀

I’m accepting entries until midnight cst tonight. So if you haven’t signed up and want to, go here to do so.

Let’s get May underway with a BANG! I’ll be doing that by attending the OWFI conference this weekend 😀 SQUEE MOMENT! 😀

How was your April? Are you anticipating a better May?