Writing is a very individual undertaking. It’s solitary. You come up with the story, you create the characters, the world, the plot, the twists and the turns. And then YOU write it down.

Though I did write some as a child/teenager the loneliness never seemed to bother me. But as an adult? Writing is a lonely pursuit. I’m not sure how people did it before the internet, it’s far too integrated in my life for me to understand or even get a grip on.

But these days? Finding critique partners and writing groups is so much easier than I ever imagined. I’ve been with one of my crit partners for almost seven years now. Another for around five. And we mesh so damn well. My strengths help them improve and their strengths help me.

I’ve also been lucky enough to find a couple of local writers who’re fantastic. And I’m truly not all that biased. Their input and feedback, even though I’ve known them for a shorter period of time, has been so helpful and encouraging, it’s amazing.

And then there are a few more online buddies. Two who crit for me, and two who read for me. I think it’s very important to have non writers read your books. Sometimes they find things we wouldn’t.

But even though I have a fantastic group of people surrounding me. Supportive people who aren’t yes men/women. People who’ll be honest with me and tell me when something sucks or doesn’t work, when something needs a rewrite or deleting.

In the end, it’s my story and I have to make the ultimate decisions that polish my finished work. I have to draw that line between – this does or doesn’t help me tell MY story.

Because at the end of the day, regardless of all the awesome CPs you have, you need to tell YOUR story.

How do you feel about writing? Do you sometimes find it difficult to draw that critique line?

Of course, I tear the MS apart first 😉