I’m still in shock. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m utterly and completely happy, but definitely in shock. I signed with Judith Engracia of Liza Dawson Associates on April 6th 2012 πŸ˜€

See, I was originally hoping to have TDP 1 ready to query this April/May, but my fantastic beta readers got the third draft back to me by the start of March. I’d managed to let them talk me into entering TDP in the Mystery Agent monthly contest on Operation Awesome, and into PitchMadness.

Now the Mystery Agent netted me a request from a lurking agent I was not expecting.  I whipped my query into shape, and sent off the query and requested pages. And I thought, well – I should probably query some of the agents I like as well. So, I sent off a total of 7 (non-requested) queries.

On Monday 12th of March, I found out I’d made it into the Agent round of Pitchmadness. This was really exciting for me as I’d finished the final pass and was just tweaking a few things on the MS. And on Wednesday I tied with two full requests. Based on my pitch and 150 words – this was a small ego booster.

I sent off both fulls on March 15th and sat, biting my nails. Seriously, this is amazingly nerve wracking.

My friends and CPs Jami, Jai, Heather and Becca all helped calm me down and avoid being a complete emotional wreck, but it was a close one. Hubby was there to keep the pieces from falling apart, too.

Because as everyone knows, a full request doesn’t necessarily mean anything. This whole subjective process wears on you and your nerves.

Then Judith sent me an DM on twitter. That she was loving it and would finish it that night. This sent me into a tailspin. Loving it is good, right? Some time passed and Judith continued to correspond with me. I received other requests and sent them.

And then the email asking if she could call.

IF? Of course she could call! She was absolutely lovely to talk to, got my book and the direction the story goes in, and made excellent suggestions I could so see improving the book. She didn’t want to remove anything, only add some.

I had to give 7 days to one of the other fulls I had out. It was one of those – please notice that I don’t ask for exclusives, just that you give me 7 days should you receive an offer. Judith is a newer agent, but very passionate, and while I really liked her, as a writer, you always wonder what’s best for your book. I’d researched a lot BEFORE sending out queries, but…

So I spent a week with 5 fulls out researching agents and clients, and recent sales and experience and anything and everything I could find. I marked pros and cons and weighed everything I could think of.

When I sent Judith the contract on Friday I was 100% happy with my agent. I think that’s increased to about 150% now.

I’m so proud to have found the person who believes in my storytelling and my ideas, who can see the bigger picture I can see. Thank you so much Judith! I’m looking forward to many amazing years to come!

To everyone out there searching for an agent, editor or whatever – remember, it only takes one person to have that spark. Don’t give up.

And have a chocolate πŸ™‚