The first MMO I played was Everquest. I loved it so much, but it was very bad for me, in that my fantastic ocd made me have to get to max level. Then I had to have the coolest stuff and kill the biggest monsters first.

I took a break, and started playing Everquest 2(EQ2) late 2004, but my computer blew up and I had to wait until Feb 2005 to play it again.

Well, needless to say, I played it and transfered servers to be in the best guild I could be in.

And that’s where I met my hubby 😀

I flew to KS in 2005 and 2006. In August/September 2006 he flew to Australia and proposed to me. You can probably guess that I said yes.

We worked on months of paper work and doctors visitors, police reports from both Australia and Germany to prove I wasn’t a criminal… A lot of hoops. But we jumped through every one of them and got married on June 1st 2007.



But he’s worth all of it. Even living so far away from my family. And being with such an awesome person has allowed me to pursue my writing. Not that he reads my blog, but I love you Hubby, with all of my heart.