Yep. If you’ve ever seen me on Twitter, you probably know I have corgis. Love corgis. Adore corgis. Like seriously.

We have two of them. Kira and Kuma. So cute!

Kuma is about to turn 3 on April 16th and Kira turned 5 on January 21st.

I adore my dogs.

If you’ve never had a corgi and are contemplating a puppy (or adopt an adult!), the corgis have the most gorgeous temperament around. Even though they are born with instinctive herding (yes, those stubby little dogs are actually a herding dog), and will probably herd your cats and maybe toddlers, they’re adorable.

Kuma loves Pillows

Extremely intelligent, it’s easy to teach them how to sit, stay, come here and potty. And the best thing? They learn word recognition very easily. Our know: Water, Food, Chewy (rawhide), outside, bed and they know what don’t bark means. And Kira even obeys it. Kuma just doesn’t generally bark. He smiles. A lot.

The Corgi Smile

And that brings me to my inspiration.

My corgis pick me up no matter what. If I’m down and dejected, sad or crying – they know. They comfort me and make me smile because seriously – if you’ve had a corgi smile at you, you’ll understand that corgi smiles are infectious.

And when they smile at me my mood will clear and I can usually sit down and write. Of course, sometimes they don’t want you to write and would prefer to sit on your lap where the laptop is… and if you don’t let them they pout – but that’s just the price you pay for undying cuteness and inspiration.

Kira in a Skyrim Box!

Do you have pets? How do they round out your life? Do you ever feel like they make the day better and it easier to tackle hard tasks?