I can hear it already. What the hell does Buffy the Vampire Slayer have to do with writing of any sort?

Well! It’s inspiration again.

I mean, if you’ve never seen it then I feel like you might not understand. But to me, Buffy is a fantastic story, with characters I grew genuinely attached to. It made me WANT more, need more. Like any good book does (or at least until the end of season five or so… I can’t quite remember).

And even then, because I was attached to the characters, I still wanted more, even though I felt they pushed it a bit.

And, although I loved Buffy, Willow was by far my favourite. By. Far.

You may recognize from such things as How I met Your Mother, and American Pie. I adored Willow. This character grew so much over the entire series, became powerful and not so much of a doormat.

And this is the sort of world I want to create. No, not a vampire slayer world, but a world people will still want to go back fifteen years later and immerse themselves in.

A world where you fall in love with the characters and they remain with you years later.

This is what Buffy inspires me to do. Create with more distinction, make my characters people I’d want to care about, people I’d want to revisit.

How amazing would it be to create a world people want to re-visit? Hopefully one day I’ll get there, and in the mean time, I’ll work my  butt off at it.

Do you like Buffy? Is there any series – book or tv – that has made you feel this way?