I adore gymnastics, women’s artistic gymnastics in particular. I find the drive and determination necessary to reach the elite level, or even level 10, amazing. It’s drive and determination I constantly try to apply to my own writing.

Sadly, I’m not always successful. Sometimes I give in to the lure of the tv, the corgis and sometimes even a good book.

Anyway – I digress. Back to gymnastics.

The Olympics is this year and I’m a huge Olympics bug. Especially because it means I can watch the gymnastics. I was obsessed with it in 2008 and so disappointed that Shawn Johnson only got the silver all round medal. But she did win gold on my favourite aparatus. Beam. Take a look.

Yes, that beam is 4 inches wide. Isn’t that amazing?

Sadly, I don’t think she’ll make it to the 2012 Olympics as much as I want her to. She tore her ACL and some other muscles in Jan 2010 and the knee still isn’t as strong as it needs to be.

But the USA has really strong gymnasts. We have the 2011 World Champion Jordyn Wieber, and members of the 2011 World Champion team such as Ally Raisman and Gabrielle Douglas (all three are in the picture above). Not to mention a new senior this year – Kyla Ross. Overall, we have very strong contenders.

So the Secret Classic, the Visa Championships, and the Olympic Trials this year are going to be amazing.

Most of these girls spend a minimum of 6 hours a day, at least 6 days a week in the gym. They refine their abilities, learn new ones, and repeat routines a set about of times to get numbers in. The more numbers, the more steady they (should) be.

To me – this is the tenacious attitude you need to be a writer. You need to dedicate yourself to writing, and be determined to achieve what you want to, regardless.

So – does anyone else like gymnastics?