This weekend was a productive one for me. Originally, I wasn’t going to begin final draft revisions until Sunday night, or perhaps today. I was wrong.

I got a bit of a kick in the butt on Friday night (read: panic stricken hyperventilation), that I wasn’t expecting and proceeded to start TDP-1’s revisions on Friday night. And this included getting my very basic and crappy query tightened into an actual one.

I would like to state for the record, that I despise queries. Like most other people on this earth, I believe they’re a form of torture meant to turn my hair white. But I did it. Many thanks to my crit buddies Becca and Jami for putting up with my neurosis during the process. Not to mention my husband who doesn’t have a site, but is still awesome and supportive – and amazingly insightful when it comes to edits.

Query is done. As are the first six full chapters. I’ll have the rest of the MS done by Sunday night. *collapses*

So – my #writemotivation week got off to an amazing kick start. Not only did I make the 50 entries for Operation Awesome’s Monthly Mystery Agent, but I also made it into the judging round at March Madness Agent Pitch run by Brenda Drake, Cassandra Marshall, and Shelley Watters. Cross your fingers for me that my pitch and first 150 make the cut to be looked at by the awesome agents they have lined up!

Like I said – my first few days of #writemotivation March have been very positive. And even though the kick in the butt I mentioned earlier will probably come to nothing – it definitely made my weekend damn awesome.

So my goals for this month are well underway:

1. Do (hopefully) final pass on TDP-1 – up to Chapter 6
2. Revise TDP Query
3. Enter the farking contest
4. Write and revise TDP Synopsis – yeah… me and another torture device
5. Start TDP-2 transcription
6. Complete Crits for H & M
7. Outline A.I. – 2

It’s very scary to put your work out there. I still don’t think it’s almost ready for it.

Every day is the day I think one of the more than a dozen people who’ve crit or beta read the book for me will let me know they didn’t really like it. Or that the next person who reads it will tell me everyone else was just being nice.

I love that my crit partners are amazing – that they’ve torn it apart, suggested changes to give it better cohesion and even copy edited for me. If nothing else, you’ve all helped me grow as a writer and I adore each and every one of you. You know who you are <3

Enough sap for now! I have work to do.

If you need support or cheering, or want to cheer others on – head over to #writemotivation hashtag 😀 (Yes, that is it in the sidebar). I want to thank the #writemotivation weekend crowd who made my weekend so much more positive than my panic wanted to let it be.

And don’t forget to check up on the goals over here – and let me know if some need crossing off already.

How was your weekend? What did you do? Have you ever had a surprise that made you need to rearrange your revision/editing schedule?