Sometime in 2011, I stumbled across ECWrites blog. I love her posts. Her blog is about her life. The ups and downs, her fantastic kids, the pain she’s been through in the past. She has this amazingly witty way of looking at life. It doesn’t seem to matter what gets her down, she’s resilient and inspirational. Sometimes she even makes you cry.

Yesterday – Saturday March 17th (St. Patricks Day – Cheers!) Her first fiction novel was released.

The Sword of Senack is a middle grade fantasy novel.

The Blurb:

Aliya Fisher knows nothing about her true heritage until a vindictive sorceress kidnaps her brother and sister. The young adventurer must take up her birthright, battle strange creatures, and find the Sword of Senack if she hopes to best the witch.

But even if Aliya finds the famed weapon and survives the perilous oceanic journey, the enchantress is far more than she appears. How does one defeat an immortal who lusts for revenge?

Now come on, that’s a damn cool cover. The Sword of Senack is the first book in the The Mer Son Cycle.

You can get it in paper back or on kindle at Amazon 😀

Elisa will be hosting a launch party starting Tuesday 20th of March. Pop over to her blog for some more details about her books. And congratulate her on a fantastic event!

Make sure to check out her other book: The Golden Sky.

Congratulations Elisa! Here’s to seeing your book in print, and all your dreams come true.