Hey there everyone. The final Monday in March is upon us! (Dramatic, right?)

My March has gone almost the way I planned. And I mean almost. I have one more crit to complete in the next few days and I’ve achieved all of my March goals.

However, I’ve been been pretty much languishing since the 16th and doing tiny bits of work here and there. I’m completely drained and emotionally exhausted. Not to mention always tired.

But I digress. Here are my #Writemotivation goals – pretty much the same as they were last week hehe.

1. Do (hopefully) final pass on TDP-1
2. Revise TDP Query
3. Enter the farking contest
4. Write and revise TDP Synopsis
5. Start TDP-2 transcription
6. Complete Crits for H & M
7. Outline A.I. – 2

Overall I’m quite happy with the month as it is. I just wish I’d been able to knuckle down and get a bit more than six pages of TDP2 into 2nd draft form.

However, I have been waiting in nail-biting fashion for an email I know is coming down the pike, but I’m not sure if it’ll be a positive or a negative one. Still, exciting, right?

My March has been rather productive, and this makes me feel good, even if I slacked a bit in the latter half. I’m currently waiting on said email above to plan out April. If it’s a good email, I might need to readjust things, if it’s not, well – I don’t haha!

I do blame my fellow #Writemotivation people for cajoling me into the A-Z challenge in April. I finally thought of a theme, have 26 topics and I’ll draft them out this week. If you haven’t signed up yet, you should. Remember it’s a fun thing. Do short zaney posts and have fun with it!

So, yay and stuff.

Nice short post from me today. I need to get back to feverishly biting my nails.

Thank you to everyone for participating in #writemotivation’s March 2012 Goal-Check Month! Please check for the rewards here if you haven’t already. In Mid April I’ll post again for those interested in participating in May.

Don’t worry the #Writemotivation hashtag won’t wither and die – we tend to be there alllll the time 😉 Drop by for some cheering or encouragement… or even just to know there are others going through the same stuff you are 😀

Hope everyone enjoyed their March and has a fantastic April ahead of them!

Let me know how you did and what you’re thinking of for April. I’d love to know!