Yesterday, I finished the final draft of TDP-1. What an amazing feeling. Hence the chocolate icon 😀

This is the first time I’ve reached this beautiful, polished stage. Sure, I’ve written books and put them aside before, but I’ve never made it this far.

And I love it. Apart from several nit-picky sections of phrasing I want to work over, I love the book. With each edit round, it’s improved. The story line, which was solid to begin with, just got a new level of urgency added to it. The story doesn’t change, but the motivations are stronger.

I don’t know if this book will find me an agent or not. I have tonnes of stories to work on while I shop it around. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love it if someone else loves it like I do, but during this process I have grown as a writer – in leaps and bounds.

Not only have I developed my writing process, but I’ve refined a revision and editing process, too. In turn, this helps me critique and beta read for others.

So, whether or not this book/series is the one that makes it, I will always love it and the journey of getting it to this finished stage. Because of this series, my understanding of writing’s place in my life has grown.

I love it.

I really want to thank Jami, Em, Jai, Anthony, Becca, Heather C, Heather J, Shyntyrr, Kylie, Seti, Papilie, Mercedes and, of course, my husband Trevor.

Thank you for all your feedback, especially the type I didn’t want to hear. Thank you for being so meticulous in your feedback, both the good and the bad.

And I hope you’re all ready for 2&3, and then the A.I trilogy. Bwah hah hah. Just kidding – well, not really 😉

Of course – I also want to thank the #writemotivation team for their constant cheering and encouragement. And I’m so sorry that my time this last week has been focused inwardly. I’ll be much better this coming week and respond to more than the few blogs I managed last week.

Don’t forget – Jai has been making bottled #writemotivation A lucky few people will get one after the end of the month!

I’m starting new on my google reader this week. Got way backed up. But hey, at least the MS is ready, right?

AND OMG I MADE IT INTO PITCH MADNESS!!! *cough – calms down*

How has your week been? Do you feel like you’ve got your own writing process developed now?