So – Pitchmadness was held on Monday March 12th and concluded on Wednesday March 14th. Having made it into the agent round (like another 59 people), I was so very scared there wouldn’t be any hands played on my story.

But there were!

I was and am so excited. Had to make sure the manuscript was juuuuust right and eagerly sent it off yesterday morning.

This is a scary process. I wasn’t prepared for the stomach clenching queasiness. The whole query, submission and waiting game is terribly painful, but at the same time so amazingly exciting. And I know getting an agent offer is like finding a needle in a haystack, but still!

The last week has been full of ups and down (Excitement level wise), and stress and panic. My friends have been amazing in their support and #Writemotivation has cheered me along the way, often making me continue where I wanted to stop.

I know some people argue against getting an agent – but it’s what I always dreamed of. I at least have to give it a damned good try.

So, my goals are going well. By the end of this weekend I have critiques to get through for J1, J2,  H, M & C. Today, I plan on outlining A.I.-E (2nd Book) and starting on the critiques. Then Monday, I’ll begin transposing TDP-2 from Paper Edit into digital 😀

Speaking of Monday – I’ll have the post of the rewards for defeating yourself for the month of March and keeping up with #Writemotivation on my blog. Sorry for the delay, my edits got pushed forward unexpectedly.

One of my blogging friends Krystal Wade has just had her first book released. Wild Fire’s – the first book in the Darkness Falls series was released this week.

She’ll be popping by my blog next Wednesday to answer lots of questions 😀 If you have any you’d like to ask her – let me know in the comments.

Go here to read the prologue – and take a look around her site.

Okay – so, how has your week been? Have you had any news? Anything that’s really made your day? Let me know!