It’s Monday. Again. The week has a habit of doing that when you least want it to. Oh hi, Sunday is gone – have another Monday.

Twitter has been around for years, and I fought against using it for a long time. In fact, I remember telling my husband that I couldn’t possibly see why I’d be interested in tiny snippets of people’s lives.

Well, now I’ve changed my tune. Last June, after being told by a friend that Twitter was fantastic for stalking following agents and publishers, I decided to make a Twitter account.

I have to say, I don’t regret it at all. The articles I’ve come across, the people I’ve got to know, the small fragments of people’s personalities that leak through in what they tweet and link to – has been an amazing experience.

Not to mention having to condense what you say to 140 characters lends new appreciation to making every word count. I fully believe this has helped me tighten my own writing. Disagree all you want, I stand firm in this.

Then there are the friends. So many people I’ve met who are wonderful. People who’re published, self published, seeking publishing of some form. People who’ve just started writing, never realized they were writers or just love to read. I’ve developed quite a few awesome friends – people I miss when they’re not around twitter for a few days.

Twitter can be so much more than just 140 characters. The writing community is proof of that. I’m also extremely happy to share book releases on my blog – I don’t get huge traffic, but I love to tell my other friends about them. I have one coming up on Wednesday 😀 And posted one yesterday.

Anyhu – I just wanted to thank everyone in our little writing community (read huge freaking writing community). And the #Writemotivation tweeps are the icing on the cookie.

So, now to my lack of progress for the week – and my #writemotivation update.

On Friday March 16th, my husband had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled. This has left him rather like a large infant – needing to be fed soft or liquid food and generally consoled through the pain and discomfort.

I didn’t expect this to impact on my brain as much as it did, but I found it very hard to get all the work done I wanted to. I still have 3.5 crits to do, even though I wanted them done by Sunday night.

I did manage to get the finished draft, polished completely and sent off. I also managed my synopsis and the outline of A.I. – E. So, all in all, it’s not horrible.

So – here is my progress.

1. Do (hopefully) final pass on TDP-1
2. Revise TDP Query
3. Enter the farking contest
4. Write and revise TDP Synopsis
5. Start TDP-2 transcription
6. Complete Crits for H & M
7. Outline A.I. – 2

While I’ve literally only just started tearing TDP 2 apart, I have already nixed an entire scene and so I think it’s safe to say I’ve started the revision 😉 Let’s see how far I can get by the end of the month. How about Chapter 12?

Listing all the rewards people offered, is a bigger task than anticipated. I will have those up by the end of the week, so those who would like to pick from the pool, may do so. I realize not everyone needs or wants one, but it’s part of the fun – and well… I haven’t got around to making the t-shirts available yet, nor to baking actual cookies.

I know it’s been a rough week for me. How has it been for the rest of you? Do you feel like you’ve accomplished anything, something? Do you think you’re learning what goals to set and how high to set them?

Spring is on its way – let good moods prevail!